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Oncosurgery Mastercourse 7.0

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OM 7.0 "Management of Thyroid Cancers"
The event will be on April 16-17, 2022 in Ahmedabad

Dear All,

Oncosurgery Mastercourse is an annual Mastercourse conceptualised and designed by Aastha Oncology Associates to keep our head and neck oncology fraternity updated about evidence-based knowledge on the prevention, treatment and management in various subfields of head and neck oncology.

In past, we have successfully organised six master courses on the subjects like Thyroid Cancer, TEP for Laryngectomy, Reconstruction, Oral Cancers, Video workshop in Head & Neck & complications in Head & Neck Oncology. A vast number of national and international faculties and participants had attended these events.

The entire humanity is facing the toughest time of the century i.e. COVID-19. We all are slowly coming out of it and optimistic to find a solution soon.

It becomes more imperative to focus on Positivity and look for the "Light ahead of Tunnel". Sharing practical experiences mutually is one such thought that enriches all of us and helps us find positivity.

The next Master course in line is Oncosurgery Master Course OM 7.0 on Management of Thyroid Cancers. This course is going to be onsite and offline.

We welcome you to this learning platform to join 125 delegates and world-class faculty.

Team OM 7.0

We will update soon.

Contact for further Information:
Kaushal Patel : +91 93777 17111
oncomasters@gmail.com / admin@aasthacancer.com