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A surgical oncologist is a surgeon who has special training in treating cancer. They may sub specialize in varying body regions, to limit their focus to particular types of cancers. This approach allows for optimal management with regards to the diagnosis and treatment as well as the prevention of those cancers. They often form part of a multi-disciplinary team and provide valuable insight to this group of professionals. Surgical oncologists may share their expertise with regard to the techniques necessary for biopsies, the resectability of the cancers and the role of surgery, if it is necessary. Surgical oncologists are well expertise in treating cancer by removing tumors or other cancerous tissue.
They are highly trained surgeons with speciality in dealing with cancer surgery. All aspects of cancer surgery are dealt with by them, starting from curative to palliative. There are different types of surgical oncologist with regards to the speciality they deal with. Head and neck, Breast and GI oncology are the primary specialities they deal with.